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Plant & Soil Nutrient Leaching: A Forsee, LLC & Auburn University Collaboration

Chera Howard at Auburn Field Day.png

In agriculture, leaching is the loss of water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil, due to rain and irrigation. Leaching is a natural environment concern when it contributes to groundwater contamination. As water from rain, flooding, or other sources seeps into the ground, it can dissolve chemicals and carry them into the underground water supply.

Creating A Water Conservative and Fire Resistant Product 

Forsee Afro Hair Mat-Edited.jpg

Forsee LLC has researched and developed a water 

conservative and fire-resistant product using Afro Hair. 

Blowtorch 3150 °F vs. Forsee Processed Afro Hair Balls


Check out Forsee's article and video on research for building a water-conservative and fire-resistant product. 

Testing A 2000 Fire Shelter With Forsee Products

Afro Hair As A Fire Retardant -Held Against Blowtorch.PNG

Watch as Forsee turns up the heat but doesn't burn. Afro Hair is being used as a fire retardant. In this video, Foree, LLC shows how we tested a 2000 Fire Shelter with Forsee products. The Forsee team takes pride in testing and improving our products. Watch this video as we test Organic polymers with materials to prove that Forsee processed Afro Hair can withstand high levels of heat.

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