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The New Age of Water Conservative and Fire Resistant Material

Forsee LLC research can prove that Forsee Mats produced from Afro hair can be placed underneath lawns to conserve water and create wildfire defensible barriers, accessing a beautiful lawn, and protection. Discover the groundbreaking project research by Forsee LLC that demonstrates the incredible potential of utilizing Forsee Mats and other structures made from Afro hair. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of a lush and stunning lawn, but you'll also have peace of mind knowing that you're providing an additional layer of protection.

"We must do more than
have a seat at the table but be the table in combating climate change issues."

-Chera Howard

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  • What is the main purpose of Forsee's eco-friendly products?
    Forsee products are designed with a trifecta+ of benefits: serving as a fire retardant, conserving water, and recycling fertilizer. It's a comprehensive solution for sustainable homes, agriculture, and forestry.🌱
  • How does the fire retardant feature work?
    Forsee products are made up of environmentally friendly Afro Hair that slows down or stop the spread of fire, providing an added layer of protection against wildfires.
  • Where can I find videos showcasing this product's use and benefits?
    Forsee's has a plethera of videos that we share on YouTube and TikTok to showcase our products. Don't forget to subscribe and follow on our platforms to help continue the development of Forsee's Minority lead Green Technology products.
  • How does the product assist in water conservation?
    The Forsee technology helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the amount of water needed for plant growth and thus assisting in water conservation.
  • Are the green technology products safe to use around humans and animals?
    Yes, the products are formulated using chemical-free organic polymers and eco-friendly processing that is safe for both humans and animals.

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