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Research Project: Creating Water Conservative And Fire Resistant Lawns (Video)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

A research project is being undertaken at Forsee to find ways to maintain a healthy, green lawn while using less water and being resistant to fire. If successful, this would be a significant breakthrough for homeowners and businesses alike.

Forsee LLC is changing the game on lawn watering and fire retardant materials. Forsee's technology uses Afro Hair collected from barbershops that is biodegradable and decrease water usage in plants and soil, while also combating fire.

Image showing lawn using Forsee mat and without the Forsee mat

The project is led by Chera Howard, a plant and soil biology major studying at Tuskegee University. Chera and her team are exploring various methods of turfgrass management that can make more healthy and beautiful lawns.

Forsee's project is currently being funded and provided resources by the university and private donations.

If you are interested in learning more about this research project or donating to the cause feel free to drop us a line. Or simply go here to donate.

Thanks for reading!

Chera Howard and the Forsee Research Team

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