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New Age of Fire-Retardant Material Research

Forsee LLC's research can prove that Forsee Mats derived from Afro Hair can be placed underneath lawns to conserve water and create fire defense barriers, accessing beautiful lawns and protection. 

Discover our groundbreaking project research by Forsee that demonstrates the incredible potential of utilizing Forsee Mats and other structures. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of a lush and stunning lawn, but you will also have piece of mind knowing that you're providing an extra layer of protection. 

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Calling All Afro Hair Barbers

We want your hair cuttings. Start selling your afro hair cuttings and earn today. 

  • Are Forsee's green technology products safe to use around humans and animals?
    Yes, the products are formulated using chemical-free organic polymers and eco-friendly processing that is safe for both humans and animals.
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